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Friday, June 11, 2010

American Woman

Magnet #840 - American Woman

I picked this magnet that my friend bought me from the American Woman exhibition at the Met, because I can't wait to see the exhibition to see for myself how the clothes make the woman.

I may have a different opinion tomorrow when I see it, but frankly, I just like the very idea of the American Woman, kicking ass and taking names. And, I'm hoping that maybe it'll give me some kick-ass encouragement, as this weekend has been dubbed THINK ABOUT YOUR FUTURE weekend.

The theme for this month seems to be change - of any kind, for the good, for the bad.

I had dinner with a friend and former colleague of mine this week, one who will be embarking on some pretty major life changes shortly. Possibly starting a new gig with a fancy new title, halfway around the world, and possibly with a new boy to accompany that gig.

I remember many years ago during our post-September 11th layoffs, she was just a couple of years older than me now, and she was very concerned about her future. Mostly on the professional front as a single-income household, but also on the personal front as a single-soul household.

It's what we single gals have to worry about. If we lose our income, there's no safety cushion in the form of a spouse's salary to land on and carry us through to the next gig. It's a trade-off. We have our freedom to be footloose and fancy-free, but if something happens, tag. We're it.

But, in my friend's case, I've watched as over the years, she's managed to climb the ladder of success at a sister company, and now she's about to reap the rewards of that success. And, her journey's been both inspiring and amazing for me, on the professional front.

I mean journey, literally, too. She's also traveled the world - having done stints in the Amazon and Morocco, not to mention Easter Island and half of Asia, to boot. And she did most of that - by herself. That to me, is fantastic. That, to be frank, takes balls.

It takes balls to be a single woman going it alone - both in work and in life. It's an accomplishment that no one should take away from. It's why I nearly smacked her for thinking she's accomplished nothing over the years.

No kids? No husband? So. What.

There's a world full of women who have both.

The world can use a few good women who have neither. And like it that way.

And yes, it doesn't escape me that I'm writing this on a Friday night, getting ready to leave work, after another crazy work day. Plotting to have ice cream for dinner.
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Anonymous said...

That was totally awesome. It brought me to tears. -forever your friend -d.