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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tilting at windmills

Magnet #852 - Aruba Windmills

Ah. Tilting at windmills. My favorite, favorite useless pastime.

This magnet works for today because it's THINK ABOUT THE FUTURE train ride day! Woot! Of course, I'm in DC right now, and I have to force myself to get over this barrier I find myself up against when trying to think past the next 20 minutes of any given day.

Anyway, I've never read Don Quixote, but from what I can gather, he was a silly man who swore to "defend the helpless and destroy the wicked," and paid the consequences for it. A guy who cared too much about everything and tried in vain to make good things happen and then who basically ushered in the death of chivalry?

Really? Is this story about me? Bah.

Sorry, that's too negative a connotation to associate with SUCH A CUTE MAGNET! And it actually whirls around! LOVE it.

My friend brought this back for me from Aruba. It took me a second - and Google - to make the connections between Aruba and windmills, but I think this one might be De Oude Molen, built in 1804, and brought over piece by piece from the Netherlands in 1960. Except that one's not blue. So maybe this is just symbolic of the Dutch origins of Aruba?

Either way, let's all look at how pretty this magnet is on my pretty new blue background.


Dudes. I consider my geography knowledge pretty good. But I won't lie, I'm about to go look up Aruba on the map. What? When it comes to the island nations, I pretty much get confused. Unless it's the 7,000 islands of the Philippines. And even then, I can point out major islands of the PI, and that's it.
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