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Friday, June 4, 2010

Man in a balloon

Magnet #833 - Stick figure

One last sickbed magnet, because hopefully when I wake up on Saturday morning, I'll rejoin the human race again. And perhaps catch up on the hundreds of work emails in my inbox.

Because I didn't check emails. I couldn't. Not when I couldn't sit up long enough for more than an early morning Tweet here and there, not when I barely left my bed. So I know there's a thousand work explosions lying in wait for me, and I know I'll be paying for it, and cursing before the end of the catch-up.

There are all sorts of theories as to why this food poisoning knocked me down so hard this week. There's the theory of last week being a never-ending series of craptastical weeks, and my nerves were frayed to the point I couldn't hold any conversations regarding my work well-being without being all teary. (That's the broken workhorse theory.)

The other part of me refuses to let that crazy place get me down. (That's the Sister Mary Sunshine, albeit deluded, theory.)

There are several other theories. But this is a magnetblog.

I wanted to use this Kristina Myers Crafts magnet that came from her mistake bin because first, it kinda cracks me up. I can't figure it out. I mean, it's a stick figure in a quote balloon. What can it possibly be saying?

For me, it's saying, I can count the number of meals I've had since Tuesday, only 2 of which included solid food, 2 of which consisted of Cheetos, and the rest was really just liquids.

So, yeah, this magnet is probably more representative of how I feel right now, a mere stick figure of myself. Oiy.

By the way, who knew Cheetos could be a good stand-in for Saltines? I know! They should use that in their marketing materials.
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