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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Living in dreamtime

Magnet #859 - Dream

People say that if you want to remember your dreams, you should write them down in a dream journal, and with each dream that you remember and write down, you'll be able to better remember your dreams in the future.

But, for far back as I can think of, I usually remember my dreams. It's weird, I know. I think it's because I'm one of those people. You know them - the ones that come up to you every morning and tell you when they've had a weird dream.

I mean, I can remember telling my friends about my dreams in seventh grade homeroom in the bandroom. What's more, I can probably even tell you some of those dreams that I had back then.

Doesn't everybody have those dreams that stick in your mind, no matter how long ago you had them? I remember being less than 10, and having a dream of being back in Chicago, living at the old house in Palos Heights, and finding a present in every nook and cranny of my bedroom. I vividly remember the dream, because of the cool presents I was supposed to unwrap (never got to, darnit!), and because the whole dream had a pink hue to it, as if I were looking at the dream in rose-colored glasses.

And there are many dreams I've had that I remember vividly. Every so often, they give me feelings of deja vu - like yesterday when I had dinner at East Coast Wings, telling my friend about meeting Dave Price. I've dreamed that entire restaurant/dinner set-up before. I was even waiting for a phone call that was supposed to come through, while I was telling her about meeting Dave. I've never been to ECW, and up til last week, I'd never met Dave. The phone call didn't come through, but still. Freaky.

The weirdest part is looking up the things that I dream about in any online dream dictionary - more often than not, it's right on par with what my subconscious is feeling. Sometimes, scarily so. Like the dream about helicopters and kumquats. Or, the roller coaster rides or speeding trains. Scary.

Oh! You know what else is scarier than you'd think? The other week, I dreamed I was on a mission with Burn Notice's Michael Westen. Like, we were ducking and covering, because people were shooting at us. You know how cool it looks when you're watching on tv? That stuff's scary in dreamtime, man. Like you wake up in a sweat with your heart pounding, you realize it is SO not cool being in a shoot-out. Heh.

Anyway, I just bought this magnet as part of a set at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts gift shop (hello, love their gift shop and the museum). I figured I'd use it for today, since I have a 12-hour train ride to finish THINK ABOUT YOUR FUTURE, Part Two, Get-a-new-life Bugaloo, wherein I actually have think about my own future, rather than that of my company.

Of course, maybe after tomorrow, it'll be decided for me. Maybe not.

But, a girl can dream.

eta, sometime later in the middle of the night:
So the downside of remembering these dreams, is that you remember the bad ones just as well as the good ones. *shiver*

I'm not writing that one down here.

But, I just looked it up, and damn, did that just make sense. Whoa.

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G said...

Kumquats? Your future doesn't center on kumquats, does it? I'm thinking that's not a growth industry.

joy said...

Hahaha. Noooo, kumquats are supposed to be for luck and prosperity!

Serviced Apartments Resident said...

That's crazy, I never remember my dreams! I always remember little bits of them, but they're always gone by lunchtime!