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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hunk of the day

Magnet #851 - SoapNet Hunk

Ok. So here's my last SoapNet swag magnet! And the silly people at ABC are closing down the network in a couple of years, so who knows if I'll get any other SN swag again!

It's kinda fitting that I use this one as my last one, methinks. I mean, what else do you see more of on SoapNet than on any one network, but hunks.

And, it's such a weird word, because honestly, I'd rather blog on a magnet that said cuteboy or hotboy. "Hunk" is just more of a visceral, I want to jump his bones, word, rather than "cuteboy/hotboy," the more look from far away but don't touch (unless he touches first, obvi) word.

Lord. Did I just blog that out loud? So much for those Bible verses my cabbie gave me this morning at 6:30. Heh.

Also fitting that I use this magnet for today, given that it was our full day of running around with Erik Estrada with the Healthy Sight Patrol, for our client Transitions Optical.

I've magnetblogged about him before, so I won't go into it, except to show you these pictures, but each time we work together, I'm amazed at three things.

First, how nice and engaging the guy is. He seriously knows how to put on a show, and talk to everyone - from the littlest guy (a little toddler out in Brooklyn) to the oldest senior with her walker, who walks right up to him and smacks his forearm for not aging like she did. Heh.

Second, how the crowd, of pretty much every demographic, responds to him. Not only the gals, but the guys. Not only young, but the old. And, not only the US, but everywhere. Today, we were approached by folks from Brazil, Argentina, Russia, Japan, China, Ivory Coast, Spain, United Kingdom, France. Apparently, Ponch is global, baby!

Third, how even after all these years, Ponch is apparently timeless, too. The guy never ages. No. Seriously. He needs to figure out how to bottle that stuff.

Yep. You can't help but like the guy.

Plus, who can't like a guy who totally went and told my weatherman crush that I want to marry him. Then, when I finally get to talk to my weatherman crush...all's he can talk about is how awesome Erik Estrada is.


An amusing thing. I just went to look up HUNK quotes. Hahahaah.
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