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Monday, June 21, 2010

For the game. For the world.

Magnet #850 - Rio de Janeiro

My client brought this supercool magnet back for me from her trip to Brazil.

I dunno why I've never been to Brazil. It keeps popping up in odd ways for me.

Embraer, the Brazilian jet manufacturer, was one of my first advertising clients. (Right? You'd think I'd have finagled a trip those three years.) Instead, I had a friend/colleague who traveled down and through Brazil on the Amazon. I had a former author ask me to help edit her book - and it was set in Brazil (and it was fabulous). Even my other clients keep going down there for work and play.

And, still, I've never been. A shame, really.

I picked this one for today, in honor of the Brazilians beating Cote d'Ivoire 3-1 in #WorldCup soccer yesterday.

Oh, I'm not a soccer fan. Other than one fun semester in college living on the soccer floor at Carolina, I really don't follow soccer. Yes, I know Carolina women's soccer is as storied a soccer program as you can get. But, it's not really anything I grew up with. Plus, any game that allows ties is suspect to me. Heh.

However. I do love the World Cup. Doesn't everybody? Actually, I don't love the dang vuvuzelas constant buzzing, so I tend to watch on mute. But, the two things I love about it...

The cuteboys. The cuteboys with the penchant for taking off their shirts the second the game ends. That's nice.

The second thing I love more, is how - even more so than the Olympics - how the world really seems to come together to cheer on their country. And cheer on other countries, too.

It's awesome that no matter where you are, or who you're watching with - everyone's cheering. But it's not only where you are, it's everywhere. One big Goooooooaaaaaallllll! and the streets outside are cheering. The thunder resounds up the concrete canyons here in New York, and it's just amazing.

For those few hours during the day - a couple times a day, for several days in a row, the world is a happy place. Or not, depending on which side you're on.

It's like FIFA's tagline on the field barrier says:

For the game. For the world.
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