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Monday, March 21, 2011

Poker chips in golf?

Magnet #1123 - Transitions Championship

Ladies and gents, that's a wrap on the Transitions Championship 2011.

With my pavilion right beside the merch tent, it was too hard to go by it and not pick something up. Of course, my first inclination was magnets. When I couldn't find them, I told the merch coordinator she needed to make magnets next year, and she showed me a whole slew of magnets they had on the shelves. Took a second for her to understand I meant fridge magnets. (What? The Masters has them!)

I won't lie, though. I haven't a clue why folks would need magnets on their hats. I'm not entirely sure why they need these magnetic poker chips, either.

Of course, I was the one who almost asked over the radio, "I need those swingy thingies over at the pavilion, please."

And the one who thought Trevor Immelman shot a 500 instead of a 5 under on the first round.

And the one who picked Carolina all the way for the pool, not realizing it was the wrong sport.

Yeah, I know next to nothing about golf. Believe me, my disinterest in golf isn't a lack of respect for the game - the shots golfers make are incredible, the powerful swish of the swingy thingy is actually pretty cool (when I'm not ducking and covering), and there really is something about a boy and a beautiful swing. Really, I get it. The game is amazing.

I just get so frustrated trying to make my way across the course to the far away gates, in starts and stops, waiting for play to continue. A field trip out there takes a good 30-45 minutes - for a run that normally takes 15!

I can't stand the numbers. And there are so many numbers to keep track of. Just can't do it. The final scoreboard up at the clubhouse? Makes me nuts. No, really.

But, I think my biggest issue - and if you know me - you know this to be true...I can't be quiet. I'm THATgirl who no one lets go with them to study in the library because I hate the quiet. Like, companionable silence is wonderful. But when it's huge groups of folks standing around and all you can hear is the crazy-ass squirrels rummaging around? Argle. Being quiet is hard!

So. I've now worked a golf tournament three years in a row, and have yet to actually hit a bucket or stand on a tee (or whatever). But, I think it's ok. That way, everyone else can leave me to concentrate on the consumer experiences for our brands, rather than paying any attention to golf.

Or, at least that's what I'm saying, anyway.

Yay for another successful tournament!
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Gin said...

"the powerful swish of the swingy thingy"


Anonymous said...

Those are Evolution produced poker chips kido!

joy said...

Hahahaa, color me SO not surprised, Anonymous. They're pretty snazzy, those poker chips!

Gin, I swear, next time, if I'm there, you must come down.

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