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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blue and cute

Magnet #1189 - Blue fish

Or whale? Or dolphin? I dunno. I just liked him cuz he was blue and white and superdupercute.

Believe me, those folks at that street fair saw me coming a mile away and handed me one of those little trays pretty darned quick.

And? It got filled pretty darned quick.

I'm toying with dropping by a flea market or two while I'm here in town to see if I can find any fun and/or vintage magnets. The odd part is, I don't really have anywhere to store them - since I've been home in NC off and on these last couple of months, I haven't had a chance to get a new magnetboard, which means all my new magnets keep cropping up, and are sitting in one big box at home, plus another plastic giftbag, and another tin here in NC.

I'm almost afraid to pick up another magnetboard from IKEA, for fear that I will actually need more than just one.

Sigh. At what point do I become that crazy lady down the hall with the magnets?
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