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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Krabby joy - Escape Home to NYC, Part 2, Day 6

Magnet #1187 - SpongeBob SquarePants

I'll confess. I've never watched a full episode of Spongebob. I know! There are whole religions out there devoted to this guy and I can't be bothered to watch a few minutes.

I really only bought this tiny, tiny magnet at a street fair a few weeks ago because it reminds me of a colleague of mine, whom we call SpongeRob NoSocks. Annnd, you can figure out how he got that moniker...and probably guess that he's part of that Connecticut crew on the New Haven line. I wonder if Don Draper would ever go sockless in loafers. Heh.

Anyway, feeling pretty krabby today because it's my last day in town for a while. (Ok, fine, for only a couple of weeks, but I'm getting my pout on here, so shuddup.) I mean, it's been a fantastic trip, filled with tons of New York minutes and fun quintessential New York. It's just tough to leave.

(Plus, I hate packing. No, seriously. If I could be one of those people who are like, we'll just buy everything when we get there? I would SO be that girl.)

To distract myself while doing the dreaded packing, I find myself stuck on Boomerang, my favorite cartoon network. They tend to air all the classic cartoons I grew up watching, versus all the crazy, hip and cool stuff that Cartoon Network airs.

And SpongeBob would not be part of that bunch. Tonight was Scooby-Doo, the Clue Club, Thundarr the Barbarian, the Hair Bunch, etc.

I honestly don't even know when we found time to watch them - they weren't all on the Saturday morning rotation, probably more the USA Network cartoon block or elsewhere.

But man, every once in a while, it's good just to relive your childhood and leave the tv on Boomerang for a couple of hours.

Or, you know, days.

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