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Thursday, May 5, 2011

A toy surprise in every meal!

Magnet #1168 - Happy Meals

Another Ann Taintor magnet I picked up - I think at Alice's Tea Cup last week.

I know, why they have Ann over there, I haven't figured out, but it was cute, and I wanted it. However, I do need to be careful or I'm likely to end up with the entire set of her magnets, including the ones with the chicks complaining about their hubs and kids.

I just loved this one, because even at my advanced age, I'm still buying Happy Meals wherever I can. Can't help it - I love the toys. Honestly. It's a magnetblog, tell me you're surprised. At all.

Once when I moved out of an office - I had a special (small) box just for all my Happy Meal toys. The thing was, I had only been in that job for like nine months, so I can't even imagine how many McDonald's trips that box equaled.

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