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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Freakin' birds

Magnet #1192 - Blue bird

Dudes, I can't figure this little guy out. Where'd his other eye go? Is he shushing us with a wing to his beak?

I swear, he just ended up in my street fair basket because he too, was blue and cute. But that's about all I can figure why I own him.

Ya'll know I hate birds. Like, with a passion. (Well, except for watching and Tweeting the latest happenings from Hummingbird Hollow in my backyard.)

So we have these two cockatiels that live downstairs in the laundry room, Mom inherited them from some family friends who didn't want to take them out to their snowbird house in Vegas. They drive me up the wall. Seriously.

They look at me with evil eyes, and they know I don't like 'em. In fact, when I'm doing laundry and standing there - the male bird quickly moves to shield the female from me. He immediately puts himself in between the female and me. It's not like I'd hurt them or anything! Sheesh!

They also sing - loudly. A cacophony of chirping and tweeting. No rhyme or reason, they're just very, very loud in the morning and early in the evening.

Today, I found out that we could supposedly take them out of the cage and let them sit on our fingers. NO.

That's like my worst nightmare come true, those birds flying all around, and landing on me. Ugh.


Now. If somehow the door to the birdcage, the door to the garage and the garage door itself somehow magically opened all at the same, wouldn't that be something?
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