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Friday, May 13, 2011

Coke goes green

Magnet #1175 - Green Coke

Well, sorta.

I picked this magnet up last week at a random NYC street fair I stumbled onto. Dudes, a whole kiosk of magnets. Or, Heaven, as I like to call it. I mean, it's truly a miracle that I didn't walk away with many more magnets than the half dozen I bought.

Love that this Coke bottle's green - it's the whole reason I bought it. It totally cracks me up, because The Coca-Cola Company has a superstrict set of brand guidelines - for corporate and all of their brands. Everything.

I mean, sure, TCCC has green glass-bottled Coke and are working toward a 100% plant-based green plastic bottle, but this baby 2-liter green bottle magnet?

Totally unlicensed. This green bottle is enough to make any self-respecting brand cop's head explode.

Ah, street fairs, how I love you.

Anyway, it's the 125th anniversary of The Coca-Cola Company, and to celebrate, they put on a huge 3D projection show at their Atlanta headquarters. I love corporate projection shows, having used it for a few clients of my own...but damn, ya'll, I can't even imagine the production budget on this night:

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