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Friday, May 20, 2011

I'm goin' up - Escape Home to NYC, Part 2, Day 1

Magnet #1182 - Christina's World

Headed to NYC today for another quick trip home while my dad's recuperating. Yes. Insert all the regular squees of, dare I say it, JOY, here.

If you get over to the MoMA, definitely check out Andrew Wyeth's Christina's World. I was gonna do a whole blogpost about it, but after I listened to the curator podcast of about it, it was pretty clear that I wouldn't be able to do it justice.

Suffice to say that this piece is one of Wyeth's most recognizable, and is of his neighbor, a woman stricken with polio, meant to be inspirational, rather than sad.

As for me, this painting always makes me think of the opening scenes of one of my fave movies ever, SpaceCamp, where babyAndie's sitting in the grass, looking up at the stars as John Glenn passes over her. (The 2-min mark below.)

Lately though, it's represented all the farmland I have to drive through in NC, before I ever get to a single real stoplight. Seriously, it's getting to the point where I almost don't stay stopped at stoplights, so used to momentary (but complete, duh) stops at stop signs, am I.

The truth is? I love it. Much as I complain, I love driving through rural NC - with all its cows and horses and goats and donkeys and more cows. Wait, did I mention I pass a lot of cows? Well, I do. Pass a lot of cows. Cows, I say.

It's a gorgeous countryside this time of year - with everything blossoming and lush and green and with moderate temps, etc. Honestly, it's not til you get to the urban jungle of NYC that you realize how lovely NC really is.

Mind you, on my first day back home in NYC today, I realize, I'm still a helluva lot more comfortable walking or training or bussing to my destination on concrete sidewalks - even with cars who don't necessarily slow down at intersections at all.

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