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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Magnet #1167 - Chrysler Building

Picked up this magnet from a new Union Square magnet vendor.

I know! The horrors! As it turns out, just like my tv and film boyfriends, I'm a fickle, fickle girl when it comes to who sells me magnets. If they've got 'em, I'll buy 'em.

Ya'll know how much I love the Chrysler Building. It's one of my favorites here in town, and this is such a great shot. Figured a New York magnet was in order, since we're headed back from Houston today.

Can I just say? Nothing beats that first glimpse of the city skyline for me - whether I'm coming up on Amtrak on the Jersey side, driving up the NJ Turnpike, or on the flight path approach into JFK or LGA, I love seeing that skyline.

Yes, it's changed over the years, buildings have come and gone - but thankfully, mostly come. But, no matter what vantage point, no matter which part - it's the greatest skyline in the world.

Seriously - I grin like a crazy fool when I see it. I hope the day never comes when I don't.
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