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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Creating tomorrow in advance

Magnet #1164 - Kankin

I usually like to use a Joy magnet for my birthday, but I figure this might work as well - a friend got me this from her trip down to Cancun. Apparently, Kankin is my Mayan Zodiac sign.

I go back and forth believing in astrology and mysticism - even as I know it's a bit flighty to believe in the stars, there's just something there that can't be ignored.

Born today, May 1, I'm right smack in the middle of Taurus, so it makes sense that the sign fits me so well. Really, have you ever met anyone more stubborn?

I grew up reading my horoscope religiously, always creeped out by how true my day's events matched up to the generic blurbs. I say religiously, mostly because I once got in trouble with my high school speech & debate teacher for reading my horoscope every day, instead of the Bible.

And I believe it enough to find out when people's birthdays are, so that I can look up their signs to get a little more insight to their personalities and their traits. It totally helps figure out how best to deal with people when you're having issues (or not) with them.

For sure, I believe the whole mercury into retrograde thing - this very laptop conked out 2 hours before it went into retrograde, and she's magically worked since the day I picked her up - the day mercury went out of retrograde. (Though, don't think I'm not still angry at Best Buy, but that's a different magnet.)

But the Mayan calendar is something that I'm not at all versed in - other than everyone seems to think that the world is actually going to end in 2012, per the Mayan calendar. And, believe me, I tried looking up explanations of the calendar, but all the numbers and sets of days and year cycles pretty much made my eyes roll back into my head.

So that leaves me with this pretty cool magnet.

According to this Mayan Astrology site, I'm supposed to be made of both earth and sun - which is funny, given how much I don't really like the sun at all. It also says that I would be more comfortable in caves because it's like the womb of mother earth - my hermit-like habits notwithstanding, I totally get freaked out walking around in caves.

My totem animal are yellow dogs, because they're the symbol of loyalty and inner strength. I'd like to think that might be fitting, although I've never had much use for the color yellow. Or dogs, really, if I'm honest.

Since it didn't quite fit, I looked at Muwan, the next symbol, starting tomorrow - they're basically rain and clouds and water, with an affinity for storms (that's me), and the totem animal of owl, who has the power to see truth (that's usually not me - ever).

So yeah, a little bit of this, a little bit of that, I'd bet that's pretty much how you can read any astrological sign - standard or Mayan. Especially since there's a lot of traits that overlap between the two.

Eh, whether you believe in it or not, for me, it's still fun to look to the mysteries of the universe to unravel the mysteries of,
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