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Saturday, May 7, 2011

And then there were none

Magnet #1170 - Coney Island

And so, my friends, my Escape Home to NYC ends today as I hop a train down to NC in the morning.

I overdramatic have I been over this trip? It's only because I had packed to be gone for three weeks, not three months, and I was going a little stir-crazy in NC. But, this trip has reaffirmed my crazy NYC love.

I can tell ya'll, I am avoiding packing for NC to the bitter end - lunch, walk, nap, cleaning, Tweeting, texting, whatever possible to not have to pack.

And speaking of packed up...I love this shot of Coney Island, and I'm deathly afraid that this desolation is what I'll find if I head back out there, just based on all the reports over what's been dismantled, what's staying, what's being built, etc., I'm sure it's fine, but I'm really just afraid to see what we're all going to be left with in the end.

I can tell ya'll I've ridden only two rides out there - the Cyclone that I've magnetblogged before, and this Wonder Wheel in the background. I'll confess, for a while there, the only thing I knew about the Wonder Wheel is that some very naughty folks filmed some very naughty things that you stumble upon on those naughty cable access channels in the middle of the night.

I mean, it was all I could think of upon boarding the clackety-clack cars of the Wonder Wheel, what those folks were doing in there. Like, I totally had to check out the cleanliness of the seats before I sat down. (Ewwww.)

Of course, those thoughts were quickly replaced by worry, as I wondered if we would actually make it through the ride. I had no idea that the cars actually swing around and out, making it look like you're about to fly off the wheel itself. Dudes, I hate when coasters or rides are made to look like they're about to fly off the track. Freaks me out - every time!

And it was so long! It went on forever! Yeah. Probably wouldn't re-ride that ride again if given the chance.

What I do want another crack at are those swirley coils that you have to get the stick down from the top to the bottom. Damn, can I waste a ton of money trying to win that thing.

I've won it once or twice, and won some big stuffies from it, but man, every time I get in front of one, I just have to keep trying and trying. And, just when I think I've got it,


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