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Friday, May 20, 2011

Bearly making it - Escape Home to NYC, Part 2, Day 2

Magnet #1183 - Yosemite Bear

How cool is this bear magnet that my friend brought back for me from Yosemite?! Superdupercool.

Even cooler? The bear spins around. I don't quite get it, but it does. And it cool.

Day 2 in NY has me sitting in a temp office cube, a far cry from Yosemite's open spaces. I'm hoping it was just the caffeine, but it's so weird being in an office setting right now, particularly after not being in one for the last nine months.

Once, I used to have this cuteboy assistant account executive who sat over the wall from me for a couple of years. A few weeks after he left for bigger, brighter things, he said to me, "You know what I miss? I miss hearing your giggles over the wall."

It's something that I'd forgotten about myself. That I have the (possibly crazy) talent of entertaining myself with absolutely no one around me, entertainment which leads to a lot of giggles. A lot of the time. Yes. I'm THATcrazychick in the corner cube, amused by everything and no one.

I remembered it a couple of weeks ago, when I drove yet another account executive nuts, as he kept asking what was so funny.

You know what? Haven't a clue what it was, but I pretty much guarantee you it probably wasn't as funny as I thought it was at the time.

It never, ever is.

By the way, just to go back to bears for a second. Every freakin' day across the South lately, it feels like we keep getting bear sighting stories. I think they all know I'm on the lookout for my very own bear, and are showing up in every place that I'm not. Just to taunt me.

And, since I'm on the bear kick - I posted this before, but I don't think I embedded the actual video. My favorite sleeping bear scene of. all. time. Following by my new favorite sleeping puppy scene. of. all. time. Both of which came from one or the other or both sisters.



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