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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Every step you take

Magnet #1171 - Dylan's Candy Bar Steps

Thought I'd go with a sweet magnet for Mother's Day.

One of my favorite places in New York is on the Upper East Side in the 60s, Dylan's Candy Bar. I've magnetblogged about this candy store before, but there's really nothing like going to visit.

I love that you get totally overwhelmed by the candy, the people and the candy-related soundtrack. It just makes you happier walking in.

So when I saw that there was a Dylan's Candy Bar at the Galleria in Houston, we immediately veered into the store. I made a beeline for the magnets, of course. They were all branded New York, rather than Galleria, and this was the only magnet I saw without NY listed.

I also love it because one of my favorite parts of the store itself is the candy staircase. So damn charming.

And sweet! (See what I did there?)
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