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Sunday, August 21, 2011

All the time in the world

Magnet #1276 - Monet's Etretat, Cliff of d`Aval

This Monet painting, part of a million different Monet sets I have, reminds me of that scene in Goonies, where Sean Astin holds up that medallion and manages to extrapolate where the treasure's buried?

I re-watched Goonies on my own recently, since we didn't get around to it at our 80s movie day a couple of weeks ago. Such a fantastic movie. I really hope they never remake that one. Or do some lame sequel for it.

And, speaking of sequels - totally went to go see Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World. I won't lie - it was actually better than 3. And maybe even 2. But definitely not better than the original.

I should have definitely watched it in 3D - and still might go back to see it. You could just tell all the gags that should have been watched in 3D, rather than FlatD. They also give you this card to go along with Aroma-Scope. Which is totally gimmicky, but I totally bought into it...until the fart smell, anyway.

It was definitely cheesy and the new kids weren't as good as Juni and Carmen, but oddly, given that original Juni and Carmen themselves were about as awkward in their roles, it was pretty fitting. I was moderately entertained by Ricky Gervais as the dog, and Jessica Alba and Joel McHale as the parents of the new kids. Though it's scary that Jessica's started playing a mom (even a step-mom) so young.

I loved Jeremy Piven as Danger D'Amo - though, at times, I couldn't tell if he was having fun in the role, or if was in pain...from whatever.

What I loved best about the movie, though, is the life lesson - savor and enjoy the time you have because you won't get it back. No kidding.

Yep. Deep thoughts. From the Spy Kids franchise.

Timely, methinks, given my funtimejoy mentality of late.

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