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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

You don't *get* to complain

Magnet #1272 - Grouchy Smurf

Love Grouchy Smurf. Love him. I would never want to hang out with him, but in small doses, he's great.

Although, what do you suppose he's doing with his hand behind his back? (I mean, Smurfs don't have middle fingers, right?

Picking him for today because I find it hard to believe I've never used Grouchy Smurf on this magnetblog, especially given how miserable I was the last couple of years at my old gig. Granted, the misery was my fault, and I was too lazy to do anything about it for a dozen years, but it was misery nonetheless.

I've been thinking lately about how different I am from that stranger I became over the last few years. I look at myself through the filter of folks who have met me over the last year, and I can see it. I'm happier. I smile a helluva lot more. It's nice.

But I feel for the folks left behind. Well, some of them, anyway.

It's funny because I saw a tweet from the chick who replaced me last fall, and she was tweeplaining about it being a whole two weeks since she'd left the office before 8:30 at night. Really?

First, try a whole decade of that.

Second, really? Less than a year of time served, you don't get to complain, sweetheart. Not unless Edwin the nighttime car service dispatcher knows your travel information just by the sound of your hello.

Now the idea of an all-nighter/round-robin at the office is so foreign to me. I mean, I can't believe I ever lived by the mantra of "A Coke at 8 gets me to Midnight, a Coke at Midnight gets me to 3, and then I can call Edwin to get me home to wait for me while I take a shower and come right back."

Oh, yeah, completely surprised I never used a Grouchy magnet before. I just thank God and the universe for giving me the last year to learn some hard lessons and make me appreciate that things happen for a reason, and that it'll work out in the end.

I told ya'll it'd be fine.

And it was.

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Anonymous said...

Whoa, you check the twitter feed of your replacement? Time to let go, "sweetheart." Perhaps also keep in mind that there's a vast difference between working hard and working smart. It's amazing how much can get done during normal working hours when you're not complaining (or tweeting!) about how bad you've got it.

joy said...

Bwahahaha, no, I don't follow her on Twitter! Someone RT'd her sad little tweet. Silly rabbit.