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Monday, August 15, 2011

The long shadow

Magnet #1270 - Madison and 34th

When I first moved here, my first job was at Berkley Publishing at 200 Madison Avenue.

Every day I'd walk across 34th street to get to my westside train, pass this exact corner on this Tiggy Ticehurst magnet of 34th and Mad and the Empire State Building and never really look up. We could see it from the bathrooms at work - I know, because somewhere I have pictures.

But to be honest, my young 22-year-old self never really took the time to look up and appreciate how cool the view was.

I would however, go there for lunch every once in a while.

Yes. Lunch.

I'd take my $4.75, walk right into the elevators with minimal security delay (try none), and eat a $3.00 hot dog with Gulden's mustard at the top of the building - all in the space of an hour.

No way you could ever do that now with forever and a day wait times and crazy tight security. But, I have to tell ya'll, it was a fantastic way to spend the lunch hour.

And now, I get to see the ESB every day again - my new gig is just a little bit south on Madison, in the 20s. So when I walk across the island for my westside train, I have an even better view. The difference is, I don't forget to enjoy it.

I love getting caught by the lights on the corners of 29th and 5th - I look up and over, and there I am, standing in her long, long shadow.


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