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Saturday, August 20, 2011

"Don't expect me to join your Scooby Gang!"*

Magnet #1275 - Desert

Another of my Staples magnets. I know. I buy 'em where I find 'em, folks! The desert, for Las Vegas and surrounding Nevada desert featured in Fright Night, which I went to see this morning, first showing of the day, 3D and everything.

I was kind of apprehensive about it, only because while the original didn't scare me, folks were saying that this remake was good and proper scary. I mean, the last scary movie I saw in the theatre was The Ring - and that was by accident. (Like I'd really watch a movie with scary gross things coming from unlabeled VCR tapes...which make up half my collection here at home!)

Anyway, so I sucked it up and went - and it wasn't bad. Anton Yelchin was the most adorable of adorable cuteboys, and Colin Farrell, whom I've loved since Tigerland was a little too shifty-eyed and bushy-browed in it. But overall it was an ok movie.

And of course - playing a Criss Angel-like showman Peter Vincent, with some of the best lines*, I finally got to see David Tennant in all his "scrawny British" look and appendectomy scar in 3D glory. What? Per the links on DavidTennantonTwitter, that's what he called his uberskinny look on Chris Evans last week!

I know I just saw the guy last month, but man, seeing him in his little jeans and track jacket, and then hearing his patented David Tennant "Wellllll" made me realize how much I miss seeing him on my little TV screen.

I'll definitely buy the DVD of it - it's what I do. But, my guess is that they won't be doing any sequels to this movie, unless they manage to smash the international BO and kill on DVD.

But, until I get my DVD, and in lieu of being at the movie theatre every weekend til it goes away, I have the below David Tennant intro at Comic-Con to keep me happy.

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