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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Elvis and the Hell on Wheels boys

Magnet #1271 - Hell on Wheels Elvis

So when I bought this magnet down the street at Ricky's, ya'll know I was thinking, holy moly, Elvis in uniform!!!

I mean, c'mon, ya'll know I love a cuteboy in uniform. That it's Elvis makes it all the more awesome. Man, can young Elvis wear a uniform.

Then I thought, nope, someone totally photoshopped this image, only because the patch looks a little off. But, it's real.

During his time in the service, Elvis was assigned the 2nd Armored Division, Hell on Wheels, out of Fort Hood, so called because Brigadier General George S. Patton was watching maneuvers in WWII and said they'd be Hell on Wheels in battle.

Today in 1977, Elvis died at a very young 42. He'd have been 76, had he lived. I saw this morning that Doris Day in her 80s is putting out another album this year trying to make a come back, which makes me wonder whether or not Elvis would still be putting out music today.

My guess is hell yeah, and he totally would have been earning that Hell on Wheels moniker in a totally different field of battle.

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