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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

These are the people in your neighborhood

Magnet #1279 - Starbucks coffee

I moved to New York to become anonymous. No, really. Growing up one of a handful of Asians in a small Southern town, people tended to know who you were. I'm not saying I was Justin Bieber, but you try buying alcohol at Food Lion without them saying, oh, are you Dr. so-and-so's daughter?

So yeah, on the pro list for moving to NYC after college was anonymity walking down the street. It's why I never knew my neighbors until late last year - indeed, the neighborhood restaurant delivery guys knew me more than my neighbors did.

Right. So ya'll know I have this new gig, right? In this new neighborhood? Turns out, it's actually becoming a real neighborhood, as I start to get to know all the delis within a two-block radius. So much so that the chick at my favorite deli called my breakfast purchase "my usual."

Sigh. I have a usual.

Totally freaked me out. I hate when people know too much about me (this magnetblog notwithstanding, apparently).

I'm still trying to figure out if this is a good thing, that they know exactly what I order every time I come in, almost without me having to order.

What keeps me going back in spite of having been made?

They seriously make the best. iced. coffee. on. the. planet. No joke.

My biggest pet peeve for iced coffee is when they stick some ice in the cup, then the sugar, and then the milk and then the coffee. Which means that the sugar has not a chance in hell of melting. I supertotally hate that. Like I want to walk away from the person making it, even if I've already paid for it. Ugh.

But my guy at this deli? Totally has the coffee and sugar mixed together in a separate pitcher and then mixes in the milk and ice. So. Damn. Good. It might be better than iced tea. From the South.

Ace Deli on 28th. Between 5th and Mad. Go. Now.

Awww. Sorry, Starbucks, I bet you thought this magnetpost was about you. Actually, here's a good article on Starbucks' secret menu that @avanveck forwarded on to me earlier this week.

Oddly, there was NO White Wicker Basket listed.

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