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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A little rockin' and rollin'

Magnet #1278 - Keep Calm & Rock On

Earthquake! Good gravy. Before today, this magnet totally had another meaning. Now? It's all about the earthquake.

We were sitting in our offices when one of the 20somethings said, arms outstretched, "Whoa, what's that?" And we all realized we were feeling a little sustained flutter of movement.

Within seconds we realized it was an earthquake. Actually, I double-checked and it was @JenniferEhle who told me so. After that, TweetDeck totally blew up.

So totally cool! What a fun afternoon! I've always wanted to feel an earthquake, but didn't want to travel to California to do it. Now, I can cross that off my bucket list. And it was a small one, no really big casualties. Perfect! Thanks, Universe!

I do love how it was totally like a bad TNT movie, with people evacuating buildings, and shutting down businesses and other public institutions. You just know that somewhere out there, there's some really hot geologist, like a Dean Cain or John Schneider or Luke Perry, running around with stacks of paper in hand, saying, "I told you so, get me the President!" while searching for his family and cute kids.

Meanwhile, the team and I just sat upstairs in the office, and chatted away. (Much like the great blackout years ago, where I didn't leave the office once, and missed all the fun shenanigans on the streets.)

Now you know where I was when the Virginia Earthquake 2011 happened.

Of course, given that the rumble was felt from Toronto down to Georgia, it totally poked a hole in our family emergency plan, where if some giant emergency happens, I walk down to DC, pick up DCsis, and then we walk down to North Carolina and hang out at the Abellaland compound. We always figured nothing would be happening in North Carolina.

Yep. Guess we figured wrong.

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