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Monday, November 10, 2008

Color my world

Magnet #262 - Crayola Crayons

A roadtrip buddy and I once did a 12-hour roadtrip across...



Couldn't help it. We. Just. Kept. Stopping. It was awesome.

One of our stops was the Crayola Factory. It was one of those, OMG, we're in the neighborhood, it's on the way, we can't NOT stop! I can't remember if this is the one we actually turned the car around for, or whether I saw it in the book in time to take the right exit, but we managed to get there.

It's as you would expect a Crayola attraction to be - superdamncute. It's really a fun little discovery land for kids, and clearly, we were out of our demo.

No matter, we got to see how they make crayons, I got this magnet, and we took pictures with the Red crayon, and we got fun little Crayola tchotkes.

The best part, is that the Pez Museum just down the way from it. Even more superdamncute. Loved it. It was just a pitstop, but man, you could probably spend a good hour or two just oohing and ahhing over the hundreds of Pez dispensers. This Project Absurd entry was the only decent description that I could find that does it justice. Truly a fun little museum to explore.

My sister called last night to tell me about the Cumberland Pencil Museum, and I was all excited, because I thought, Cumberland County, PA. Did I mention that Pennsylvania was my favorite state to roadtrip in?

Sigh. Umm, turns The superdamncool pencil museum is in Cumberland...United Kingdom. Alas, I don't see me making it a London daytrip in December, but gravy, how fun would it be to say I've been to see the longest pencil in the world!
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Erika said...

I think this was where we cut across 4 lanes of traffic when we saw the sign that said "Exit here for Crayola Factory".

jen said...

Best part about that magnet is that the crayons are real!

Gordon said...

They went there one time on J&K+8

joy said...

Hahahah. Too bad we didn't get a magnet from that Yocco's place:

I really do love this magnet, but I've never actually colored with them.

And, I can't imagine me personally going to Crayola with any kid, never mind 8 of them. Now I'm wondering why we didn't feel totally out of our element without any kids along. I think we were just having too much fun watching the crayon making demo.