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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kiss and tell

Magnet #263 - Times Square

I ransacked my walls looking for an appropriate Veterans Day magnet that didn't center in on just one branch of the military. Not surprisingly, I think I do have a magnet from each.

But, I think this will do for my feel-good post.

I worked on the advertising team for the World War II Memorial on the Mall in Washington, D.C., and, while doing a photosearch through the National Archives collection, I came across that iconic V-J day in Times Square image.

You know the one - where the sailor's kissing that nurse in the middle of Times Square?

Did ya'll know that no one knew for sure who that couple was? I remember being scandalized when I found out that they weren't actually a couple!

Apparently, when word came across the ticker that Japan had surrendered, everyone poured into the streets of Times Square and celebrated the end of the War, in and out of bars, strangers kissing strangers, etc. I just love how Alfred Eisenstaedt, the photographer, was running around in the middle of the madhouse, snapping pictures. Must have been insane. But, I guess it explains how even Eisenstaedt couldn't say for sure who the kissing couple was.

Over the years, several people have come forward to say it was them, and have backed it up with forensics analysis, even. In the end, the two that are widely accepted are Edith Shain and Glenn McDuffie.

So how terrific is it that the 90-year-old Ms. Shain will be serve as the grand marshal at today's Veterans Day Parade in NYC!

Totally makes me all sniffly.

So, today's Veterans Day, and with it comes a big Thank You to all veterans - here, and around the world.
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Erika said...

awww...and here I thought you'd have a magnet from West Point for sure!

joy said...

Oh, no, I totally do. And it's AMAZING. I also have one from the Marines, and the Air Force, and the Naval Academy, and from Gettysburg, and Valley Forge, and Korean Memorial and Vietnam Memorial and WWII Memorial, and well, you get the picture.

But I didn't want to use one magnet to highlight one particular branch of military service. This pic is one of the most recognized images ever, so I went with this non-military magnet from Times Square instead.

Plus, I just love that the little ole lady's the grand marshal. AND, that she's recreating the kiss with hotboys from South Pacific. That's awesome.