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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Shopaholics in Jersey

Magnet #253 - Sense of Living is Joy Enough

Economists might say we're going into a recession and that the Middle Class is dying, but they should take a peek into the big box stores and malls of New Jersey.

Having now spent two Saturdays there straight, it becomes apparent that people aren't having as much trouble spending money as Washington or Wall Street think.

Based on these two shopping days, some random observations:
  • The sales are insane.
  • The lines are even worse.
  • Sales people are being outnumbered almost everywhere.
  • The higher-end and non-essentials stores aren't enjoying as much of the crowds.
  • Ikea dinners are cheap and awesome. The meatballs even awesomer. But the Daim torte is awesomest.
  • Christmas has come too early - in every store. I'm surprised Santa's not already hanging out in the center.
  • Joy seems to have been extricated from Christmas, as evidenced by the lack of items with my name on it. (Mind you, that doesn't have a thing to do with the economy, but tragic, nonetheless.)
Anyway, fun days, shopping. Or rather, watching other people shop.
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julie said...

christmas shopping already? AND... welcome to the club... i *LOVE* eating at ikea. the meatballs alone make it worth a trip to the crazy store. told you so...

TonyP said...

you gotta love the Daim torte...and the fresh baked cinnamon buns are not too shabby either!

Erika said...

What about those JOY dishes you bought at Target?

Speaking of, I found another one closer to me, with a parking lot so no street parking is required. AND there's a TJMaxx there, albeit small. Happy days!

joy said...

I've decided that buying the meatballs for home is a dangerous proposition, even though they're good there, too. And, the Daim torte, I didn't think I needed to buy a whole thing. Though. I kinda wish I had. Heh.

And, I'm not counting the joy dishes. I'm used to seeing my name everywhere this time of year without trying...! Put the joy back in Christmas, yo!