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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Jet plane to Tampa

Magnet #281 - Tampa, FL

Headed to Tampa for work today.

While we think it'll be fun, I will need glitter. And lots of it. Like someone head to Sam's Club and just empty the glitter aisle for me, please.

Juuuuust need to make to Wednesday night.
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Erika said...

For someone who doesn't like Florida (or any hot sunny places), you sure have gone a number of times recently. Why couldn't they shoot in Maine?

G said...

Because Maine's not hot and sunny?

As for glitter, did you know it comes in different grain sizes? And that there's five shades of brown glitter? The internet is an amazing place.

joy said...

Thanks for the glitter, Gin. I need it, I promise. And yes, the Internet is truly a wondrous place. It turns out, so is Tampa. I lost count of the number of Targets and Walmarts and Best Buys and Home Depots.

Truly a happy place.

And she's right, Erika, we needed the good weather and sunshine. Though, if we do a winter spot, I'll throw Maine into the pot.