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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Shades of Monet

Magnet #260 - Monet's Japanese Footbridge...again

Yes, yes, I know. But, I have so many Monet magnets, I need to start sprinkling more often. I've been lax about my Kings and Queens of England series, as well.

Anyway, picked Monet's Japanese Footbridge, because I'm watching the last half of The Impressionists, the BBC movie about Monet and all his pals. It's so interesting to watch, the interplay between the artists, the background on famous works of art (which you guys know I love to see), and to see the lives that these men led.

The one thing that I learned about this enclave, was the explanation on why they often had the same, or similar subjects in the same locations. It never dawned on me that it was because they were traveling together, stopping to paint various scenes around the countryside.

Yeah, I know, that was probably Impressionists 101. I guess if I'm so interested in art, I should just take some sort of Art History survey course. Hmmm, maybe. For now, it's fun to learn via movies and docus, and books, and visiting the actual works of art...with the little audio guides. Always the audio guides.

But getting back to The Impressionists, it's also fun to see Richard Armitage playing Monet, but with really funny hair. Nah, I'm just sayin' that to poke my sister. Heh. But no. Richard really does have really funny hair in it.

Eeeep. And now there's a funny goatee! Hee.

Hmmm, I think a leisurely walk over to the Met might be the order of the day today.
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jen said...

I love that mini too! Surprise. But yes, RA has some weird hair (and facial hair) in it. I love how they were like a little art frat... (Fraternite? -- is that the *French word for fraternity*?) HEE.

G said...

You have some of the world's greatest artworks at your doorstep. Forget the art history course--you're learning from the best teachers.

joy said...

Heh, yes, that's true, v. What I need to learn is to go when it's not crowded. It was a madhouse yesterday.

And jen, hahahahahaha. Oui, the French word for fraternity, is probably fraternite. Hah.