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Thursday, November 13, 2008

What's bugging joy

Magnet #265 - John Derian Bug 31

Ok, ok, I know it's really an insect, but a friend of mine bought me a John Derian magnet set from Target* and I've decided to use them for when I'm cheesed off about something, or when something's just buzzing around in my head. Yes, I know, bugs don't buzz.

Yesterday morning, on my hellish subway commute, I had thought to do my first "What's bugging joy" series today with a post about stupid people in the subway, but damned if my pal over at One for the Other Thumb didn't do a fab rant about it yesterday afternoon!

Then, just a few hours ago, I found out some really buggy news. For me, anyway. NBC finally decided to cut bait.

They canceled My Own Worst Enemy and Lipstick Jungle. No big surprise. Worst Enemy was a gamble to begin with, and Lipstick, well, they made that show walk the Friday Night plank to its death a couple of weeks ago.

I used my supercool Spy vs. Spy magnet to talk about how much I was surprised to like Worst Enemy. Because I did, despite myself, and despite all the critics not liking it. There were 4.3 million people my sister said, in the UK, that'd be a hit!

And Lipstick Jungle made me happy, not just because Paul Blackthorne was back on my tv every week, but because it won last year's war against Darren Star's craptastic Cashmere Mafia. We all know it should have just combined and renamed itself The Crappy Version of Sex and the City.

But, this season, Lipstick actually got good! I've been pleading with NBC (via my TV) not to yank it until Joe finally gets together with Victory. Please, just let the silly Victory (played by showkiller extraordinaire Lindsay Price) marry billionaire Joe (played by Brat Packer Andrew McCarthy). Sigh. Not for nothing, but 3.3 million viewers would also be a hit in the UK.

Look, obvi, with more than 60 shows on my 2008 tv dance card, I have enough to worry about. It just bugs me when shows I actually like are canceled. Dammit.

And yet for some stupid reason, there's room on the schedule for unscripted dreck.

*If you visit this Target link, you'll see the main section of the website in the middle, flanked by two red panels full of Target logos. Drag your cursor around those panels - you can actually shuffleboard the red Target logos off to the side. It freaked me out a bit when I saw it, but you can imagine the level of detail the Target web team went to for the site. Well done, Target interactive AOR!
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The Geek said...

Loved that subway post you linked to! Seriously cracking up all by myself right now... thanks for sharing!

G said...

I'm still amazed at the product genius at Target. I mean, John Derian? Wow, cool, esoteric, affordable, designrific. I can only hope that the current economic downturn hasn't caused Target to reconsider its emphasis on boutique design lines. The world needs more pretty.