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Friday, November 14, 2008

The Tao of chocolate

Magnet #266 - LU Biscuits Vintage Ad (Les enfants derrière la vitrine)

Every once in a while, there's that one drink, one entree, one dessert that's so superduperwonderful that you you try to recreate it whenever you can. You keep trying, but it never quite lives up to your first memory.

My friend calls them food epiphanies.

For me, (and you really can't count my parents' cooking), it's that first chicken marsala from Perfecto's, that first profiterole I had in Coventry, that first glass of iced tea my Uncle Oscar gave me. There's even cannelloni from British Air. There's more, but oddly, I can't remember ever having an epiphany at a top-rated restaurant. Until last night.

Last night, it was the Molten Chocolate Cake with Coconut Ice Cream from the rather swank restaurant, Tao. Warm chocolate cake, oozing with the molten chocolate lava, topped with powdered sugar, and off to the side of the beautifully decorated plate, two chocolate sticks, amazing coconut ice cream and coconut and apple(?) shavings. Simple recipe, easy to screw up. I've had my fair share of lava cakes around this town, but this one? Jeepers.

Context: For me, dinner's the thing you have to go through to get to dessert. I'm never easily impressed when it comes to my chocolate desserts. So, this is huge. Funny how a giant 16-foot Buddha managed to get dwarfed by an inch-tall piece of perfection.

Truly, it was the perfect way to end a craptastic day. Good luck, restaurateurs, Tao's Molten Chocolate Cake has spoiled me for good.
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The Geek said...

::annoyed:: Joy... look what you did.

Now I have to go find chocolate.


Anonymous said...

omg, this makes me think of your quest for fried snickers (and how you decided you had to make them at home). Yeah for the Tao cake. We'll have to go when we're back up in NYC!

and - I told Ivan about his shoutout :0).

joy said...

Heh. My work here is done, then GG. I should be a chocolate ambassador.

Ro, I've not given up on the Fried Snickers yet. Love that stuff.