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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Many happy returns

Magnets #256a & b - Obama and McCain

I had toyed with writing a long diatribe about the election, the parties, the issues, my irritation at being pulled in multiple directions and made to feel like I'm smart or stupid for voting one way or another, and my extreme relief that it's finally election day and now everyone will hopefully STFU already.

But it's a magnetblog.

Here's Shepard Fairey's political art.

Go vote.

And I'll see ya'll on the other side.
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julie said...

who made you feel stupid and who made you feel smart?

i'm glad the election is over, too... and happy that my freakin' NC vote FINALLY meant something! who knew it would go blue in my lifetime.


julie said...

wait a minute... i just found out BBC totally lied to me! NC hasn't gone blue yet. i was totally told by BBC that it had. jerks. i knew david tennant leaving doctor who would have severe repercussions, but lying in the election news? come on bbc!?

joy said...

I've said this elsewhere, but I have to say that I flipped through the BBC-A coverage of the election, because our politics sound so much nicer in a Brit accent. Plus, I wanted to see Ted Koppel on the panel.

They showed a clip of McCain on the plane, and Lieberman was behind him, and the Brit roundtable moderator goes, who is that gentleman behind Senator McCain, and one of the panelist answered, Joe Lieberman.

Britguy goes, oh, is that one of the ones that McCain could have gone with, and been better off?

And the panel started talking about other folks he could have been better off with, and eventually, one of the guys says: He could have gone with *anyone* around this table, and been better off.

Best laugh of the night.