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Friday, February 20, 2009

"I think, therefore I am"

Magnet #364 - Darwin's Tree of Life

I know, I know - now I'm messing around by using Rene Descartes' quote to talk about Darwin's Tree of Life sketch magnet to talk about joy magnetism's one-year birthday. But, there you have it.

First, the magnet. I picked up this supercool magnet from the Natural Museum of History in London. It's the famous Tree of Life sketch that's actually in his "famous transmutation notebook B" and is the "first-known sketch of an evolutionary tree showing how living things are related." And yes, I picked that right up from the back of the magnet packaging.

Though I fell in love with this museum, I totally skipped the Darwin exhibition. I just didn't have time. It would have been amazing, but I was barely able to squeeze it into the itinerary. And, I just wanted to see the architectural detail - which can be found starting here. And no, it has nothing to do with the fact that the exhibition was housed down a long hallway of stuffed birds that totally freaked me out.

Second. I haven't a clue what to count as joy magnetism's one-year anniversary. I've just spent the last 40 minutes watching Carter's return on ER and figuring out why if I'm on Magnet #364, and I started numbering actual magnets on day 2, why isn't today (the day before Magnet #365) joy magnetism's anniversary. There's a leap year in there, but I honestly don't think the math works out, because my first post date was Feb 22, and Blogger says that this is my #365th post. But seriously? My thinking is very much mirroring this magnet here, so I must stop.

So here's my compromise. Today is a very merry unbirthday to me, to me.

And the next two days will be split between what knowledge that I've gained from all of you this year. Stay tuned.

Good gravy. Suddenly, I have a strong need to check my own birth certificate.
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G said...

Congratulations! I'm completely hand-flappy and a little scared to find out what knowledge you gained from us in the past year.

On a side note: Blame the math confusion on your illness. Are you counting the first post as the anniversary or the first numbered magnet?

2/20 = Magnet #364, Post #365

2/21 = Magnet #365, Post #366 =
A leap year's worth of 366 posts (one post with a not-numbered magnet, so one less magnet) = Last day of Year 1

2/22 = Magnet #366, Post #367 =
This is the first day of Year 2. Happy anniversary of the first post!

2/23 = Magnet #367, Post #368 =
Happy anniversary of the first numbered magnet!

joy said...

Thanks, Gin! It's nothing bad, I promise. It may be fascinating only to me, of course. Also, you, my friend, could probably write a tome on what you've learned on human behavior on the net, based on the last three years. That would be infinitely more intriguing!

And bless you for doing the math for me! Although, I will confess that even if I weren't a little hazy the math would still be challenging.

Erika said...

Darn, Gin beat me to the math.

The Geek said...

Happy Bloggiversary, Joy!! Congrats, whether it be today, tomorrow, Sunday, or (if I were to attempt the math) sometime last week... or next week...

.......carry the four....?

Yeah, I suck at math.

:) Yay for Joy!!

And yes, at some point I'd love to take you up on that offer of a short list of must-see Pacey episodes. Maybe in late March or April I'll have time for some abbreviated and specific Creeking...

joy said...

Thanks, ya'll.

GG, I'm already workin' on the list.