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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm an any chocolate girl

Magnet #361 - Hershey's Special Dark

Picked this Special Dark for today, because my mood's very dark, as I try to get work accomplished from home, wrapped up in sickbed (/drama queen) my now seven blankets.

Anyway, figured that this might make me feel a little better - I love my little chocolate magnets.

It took me a long while to learn to like dark chocolate - if I had to choose, I'd still pick milk over dark. But dark will do in a pinch.

A friend and I once did a chocolate tasting at Michel Cluizel's - we had a chocolate sommelier and everything. We went through the different grades of chocolate - all the way up to something like 99% dark chocolate. Blech.

By the end of the evening, I was totally strung out on chocolate - it was insane. It was my fault really - we were supposed to take only a bite out of each piece...of course, I ate the whole little square every time.
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The Geek said...

lol From one chocoholic to another: how could one NOT eat the whole little square each time??


Feel better soon!

Erika said...

Feel better, Joy!

joy said...

Thanks, guys.

Seriously, GG. I don't understand why one wouldn't finish it. It's chocolate. It's a little 2x2 square. Eat, eat!

Cameron McEwan said...

ooo, I like that one!

I have a Hershey's T~shirt that I got in NYC. It's my fave.

joy said...

Hee. Thanks, Cam.

Oddly, I have four plastic cups from Hershey that I can't stop using, no matter how old I get.