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Monday, February 2, 2009

Way to go, Steelers! Way to go!

Magnet #346 - Black and Gold Smiley

'Nuff said.

What? Work with me. How many Steelers magnets did you think I would own?

Head over to Cotter's Steelers blog for all of the highlights.

Though what a freakin' amazing game that was.

Congrats, Steeler Nation!
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The CineManiac said...

Joy I saw your comment on Televisionary and thought I'd let you know about the 3D glasses in case you didn't see my comment there.

The 3D glasses for Chuck are not the typical red & Blue they are more Orangeish and Purple. (Supposedly it's a big improvement on the regular red/blue technology)

I've seen the glasses at Target, Dollar General, and a few other stores, Dollar General they were right there as soon as you walked in, so it might be the easiest.