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Saturday, February 21, 2009

joy magnetism's first blogiversary extravaganza of knowledge weekend

Magnet #365 - Circles of joy

So, about a year ago, I started this thing because I was about to create a spreadsheet to catalog my magnet collection, because I was about to go on a big trip around the US and was afraid I'd repeat a magnet in my collection.

And, when I realized how dorky that sounded, I figured, well, what could be dorkier: A blog to share my magnet collection with the world!

Well, I never went on that roadtrip, but, joy magnetism has truly grown into a fun little project for me - both personally and professionally.

Personally, I've been able to share fond memories, odd opinions, half-a-fact facts for the fact fans, and the occasional random thought and/or rant. Professionally, it's given me more interactive insight in a year, than I've learned in the past five, since we became a more digitally-focused agency.

Today, I thought I'd share just a random (but by no means exhaustive) list of what I've learned:

- Writing. People have always asked me if I was ever going to write a romance novel of my own. I guess it was a natural thing to ask an avid romance reader and a romance editor back in the day. My pat answer was usually, "Are you kidding me? No way, man." Writing tends to come easily to me, always has...but I've never been tempted to write long form. Well, not quite true, there were a couple of attempted script sides for General Hospital in 7th grade and maybe a YA novel started here and there, but nothing as an "adult." But, I've enjoyed writing my little magnetposts. And editing them. And rewriting them. And going back to old ones to correct things. It's great fun. (And way better than those sides I mailed to ABC.)

- Time consuming. My goodness. I do one magnetpost a day. That's hard. Generally, it's the last thing I do before I hit the lights and let the tv lull me to sleep. So, it's no biggie to jot down a quick story for a fun magnet. But man, whenever I find a topic that interests me - I have to research it. At least a little. Or sometimes I go hardcore. Just so I can share. I can't even imagine multiposting during the day with a regular job to hold down. Hats off to ya, though.

- Networking. Well, I'll be. Blogging as a social networking tool apparently works! Whether it's the rather nomadic Goldengait over at The GoldenGait Bridge, Scotsman Cameron over at Stuff on TV, Jace over at Televisionary over on the west coast, they're all bloggers that I've run across online and interact, on their blogs and on Facebook as well. Is that weird? Maybe a little. But, it's great fun discussing shows that some folks I know IRL haven't even heard of.

I really love that joy magnetism has also introduced me to a little community of folks in town who care about the same NYC stuff that I do. I didn't even know they existed. Ephemeral NY tells me about my adopted city's past, while Lost City and EV Grieve show me places we're about to lose. Scouting NY and Greenwich Village Daily Photo shows me fun things I've never seen before, right here in town. Thanks!

- Real-life Friends. I love sharing fun stories of trips and people, and knowing that those friends will get the same giggles remembering fun times. But, I have to admit, I wasn't at all prepared for how annoyed I get when actual friends ask me what's new in my life...when it's pretty much plastered all over joy magnetism. Oh, I am totally getting over myself, because I know that's such an all about me conceit. But, think about it. I've got people I've never met before reading my magnetposts, but there are people I've known for years who don't. It's weird.

- Cursing. Not everyone likes to see shit, damn or the other one in print. Cotter put it well in this blogpost about his stance on profanity - he writes like he speaks. I tend to do the same. It's my blog, and I'll curse if I want to. That being said, after a concerned phone call from mom, from one of her patients complaining that I curse a lot here (I totally don't, btw), I did acquiesce to putting a parental note for those parents who aren't monitoring what their kids are reading online...before they read it. It's a magnet blog, folks. I know it looks like Disneyworld up in here, but just cuz it's pretty, don't mean it's pristine.

- Reactions. While it's awesome that they're reading my blog, people get mad when you shoot your mouth off. To wit: Check out this Anonymous comment about my SAG strike rant. It was a rant, written just when I found out that SAG was thinking of putting it to a vote. NO, I didn't do all of my research on how it effects your industry. Because it was a RANT. Who researches a RANT. And P.S., SnarkyAnon, stupid cocktail waitresses aside, George Clooney walks on water. Don't mess with him. And P.P.S., SnarkyAnon, I hoping to respond to your comment, but was waiting to see what the outcome would be, re: a real strike, but looks like that they still can't get it together. But thanks for reading. Mwah!

And speaking of thanks for reading...thank you for dropping by to read about a magnet or two. I really do appreciate your visits, your comments, your fellowship (hm, when did fellowship get such a religious connotation), and the insight you guys have given me - insight to me (which is what the above mostly was) and insight to you (which some of which tomorrow's magnetpost will reveal).
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Anonymous said...

Yay! Happy Anniversary Joy Magnetism!!! I feel like singing the Flintstones Happy Anniversary song, but it takes forever to type out all those Happy Anniverersarys, so just pretend that I did.

The Geek said...

lol OMG, I didn't see that anonymous comment back when I read that post... Hahahaha. I got one nasty comment at one point on my blog that totally made me feel icky and my ears go hot, and then I was like, oh come on. This anonymous person won't even sign their name, and they're trashing my blog? My blog of MY PERSONAL OPINIONS? That I don't get paid to write? Why should I care if you think I'm condescending when I use the term "puckish" and link to the definition of it?

My fave was when someone replied to a review I posted on a Heroes board with something to the effect of, "If you don't like the episode, don't review it. You're not a real fan. I don't like your reviews." LMAO Right, the time I put into these things obviously means I could give a rats ass about the show. Yep. And who's forcing you to read my thread anyway??

So, now that I've created a Rant!Comment of insane proportions, I'd like to close by saying #1: I'm sure you haven't, but don't take that negative comment to heart, and #2: I award you 50 points for not being a Blogger Author Nazi and removing the comment. I think it speaks highly of you that you left the criticism up. :)

Erika said...

Well, I'm glad something came out of the aborted GAR (like you weren't expecting me to make a comment on that!)

joy said...

Thanks, guys!

And GG, I loved your rant. I was het up (heh) for about 5 minutes, went away from it for a while and then re-read it. I started drafting a response, and then figured it wasn't worth the response, since clearly they seemed to be an industry person and I'm not, and the strike's not even a reality. Yet. Oh well.

And the thought of deleting it never crossed my mind - they took the time to write a rather coherent response, so I left it. Had they gone one more tiptoed step toward Clooney, they'd have been zapped. What I couldn't tell is whether or not they were being snide about Clooney for Clooney's sake...or for my sake. Heh.

G said...

Have you thought about turning off anonymous comments? Something bothers me about a person who will comment without a name or userid. It cheapens her opinion, if she's not willing to label it as such.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joy...congratulations on your milestone!

And thanks for your comments at EVGrieve!

Here's to another 12 months...

joy said...

Nah - I count myself lucky that people are visiting and leaving comments at all.

Awwww, thanks, EV!

Anonymous said...

OK - I officially nominate 2009 at the year of GAR!!!!

Ivan and I are up for it. Summer 2009. Gas is cheap and it's the last year for E.

Come on - it will be fun!

June 2009 here we come!


joy said...

Unfortunately, motion denied. Sorry. I have Boston in May for Julie's grad, I have DC in July for RWA with Erika and Jenny and maybe Vicki, I have Chicago in August with my parents, and I have Italy for Julie's wedding in November.

Oh, also? You thought I thought things were bad when Bear Stearns and ML went to hell? Have you *seen* the news?

Though, you three could go on the GAR, you don't really need me.