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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Girl with yellow hair

Magnet #348 - Picasso's Woman with Yellow Hair

I can't figure out if I like Picasso's work or not.

Admittedly, it's because I've never seen a comprehensive collection of his work all in one place to make such a judgment. Usually, I see his famous works, or works from specific periods of his life, but not too many all at once.

Obvi, it's never hard to identify any of his paintings, but there is something neat about how they do tend to stop me in my tracks, forcing me to look twice.

This chick is Marie-Thérèse, one of his mistresses, and from what I gather, most of his paintings romanticize her, with sensual lines and a curviness about her. He painted her a lot, capturing her in many poses.

Though she's supposedly part of the Guggenheim collection, I haven't seen this piece. Not surprising, since I've only recently visited the Gug for the first time. In fact, I've had her sitting on the freezer door art gallery positioned horizontally, not vertically. Heh. Oops.

Anyway, the reason why I picked her today, is because I saw the most hysterical trailer (with Coop, Kevin Connolly and Justin Long) for He's Just Not That Into You with a cast that includes Drew Barrymore.

Which reminded me of Drew in Charlie's Angels.

Which reminded me of the original Charlie's Angels.

Which reminded me of Farrah Fawcett.

Which reminded me of the story my parents love reminding me of.

Apparently, when I was about four or five, I wished for blonde hair, and went around telling everyone to call me Jill Munroe.
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