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Saturday, February 7, 2009

"Remind me why I do this again?"

Magnet #351 - Dark Horse Comics' Hellboy

"Rotten eggs and the safety of mankind" - Hellboy

I swore I'd never go back to the New York ComicCon again. It wasn't that I didn't have fun - because I totally had a great time last year.

But, it was more like that same situation I always find myself in...I like something, and then I find myself surrounded by the people who really like that something. And ComicCon people...really like their somethings.

This year I was more prepared - for the crowds, the dressing up, for the overexcited boys, for the girls in strange costumes taking pics with the overexcited boys, for the fun toys and tons of well, comics.

One of my favorite things about the Con is just how people tend to bond while waiting in line, playing vid games in the dark, sifting through comics boxes, finding out where people got that cool toy/tote bag/toilet seat to wear around their neck.

My most fave thing are the celebs who come to visit. Although, my celebs aren't necessarily the artists and the writers and creators. I do love that people get to meet their heroes (/pun intended) at the Con. That's supercool.

But for me? It's the panels and screenings. I'd rather listen to the writers/creators/actors of my most anticipated movies and/or tv shows talk about their movies and/or tv shows. Don't need to meet them. Don't need their autographs. Just like to watch their panels.

This year, I did see Colin Baker, the Sixth Doctor - though, I had to read his tag to know who he was. Oddly, he was surrounded by girls of all ages cooing over his autograph. Wait. My friend Erika is right - one day, David Tennant will be there. He'll be like 90, and chasing after the young girls in costume, but he'll be there. Oh, and I had a run-in with NOT-Peter Mayhew of Chewbacca fame. And that's about it. More about that story on my public FB album, here.

Today, if I ever stop typing, and finish up my breakfast, I'll be seeing (oddly hot boy) Seth Green (who is totally including Breckin Meyer in his panel - yay!), and (hot boy director) Euros Lyn and Eve Myles from Torchwood. Tomorrow, is (hot boy) Joshua Jackson in Fringe...I was thinking of doing Joss Whedon's Dollhouse, but I don't want to lose my spot for Fringe. Is that sad? Maybe. (Mind you, I just saw that [hot boy] Daniel Dae Kim's signing autographs tomorrow. Hmmm, that will be a madhouse, I'm sure. So sorry DDK, that we won't be seeing each other tomorrow.)

Huh. Since I used a Hellboy magnet and a quote from it...I guess I need to actually watch both movies now.
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The Geek said...

Ohhhhh.... I'm jealous. Start to finish, I'd love to get to do ANY of those things you just mentioned.

And I know exactly what you mean--I'm the biggest science fiction/movie/TV geek I know in my circle of friends and family, but I know I don't even compare to some of the people out there. It's like stepping off a curb, going from being The Hardcore Fan of the group to suddenly being surrounded by people who think you're a n00b and think you need to defend your love of whatever they're more obsessed with than you are...

That said, the geeks of the world are often the most wonderful, loving, inclusive, inviting bunch of people you can hope to spend time with. True, there are always the meanly psychotic fans, but in general, I like my IRLboys to be massive nerds. :) They're best that way.

Anonymous said...

Toilets seats around their necks, you say?

joy said...

Eeeep! cc, thanks for coming by! And GG! Hey, it's times like these when I wished you guys knew each other you're both virtual friends and both studying to be doctors! (I get the two of you mixed up sometimes, I swear.)

Anyway, yes. Foam toilet seats were a few of the highlights - they were everywhere - a giveaway from the Dead Like Me folks.

And, I hear you on the geek love, GG. For the most part, because of all the shows I watch (so, so many) I tend to float around the tv genre crowds. But this weekend - some of those geeks were actually superhot.