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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Overheard at NY ComicCon...

Magnet #352 - Mario Mushroom

"My people, the ones who like Serenity, the Browncoats, the ones who like Angel and Buffy, and who like Joss, and BSG and all the things that I like. I found out this weekend, that they all look, feel and smell like a bunch of goblins." /some random obnoxious guy sitting behind me

Mind you, I had to listen to him whine about a million things - girls, friends, comics, graphics - seriously, he offered his opinion on everything. Snarffle, he was annoying.

So my ComicCon weekend has come to an end.

I will say that I cheated on NYCC yesterday afternoon - I gave up Seth Green and Breckin Meyer to go to the New York Times Travel Show. Which was SO much fun. I seriously went around the world in two hours, picking up pertinent brochures and fun swag. My fave was a Colorado stress ball, in the shape of a snowball. Yay, swag!

Panelwise, yesterday, I sat through the DC Comics session, to get my 3rd row seats for the Torchwood panel, with the superadorablyhot Euros Lyn, and the charming Eve Myles.

Then today, I got to Javits late, and ended up like 300 people back in line. Which is fine, since the lovely IGN theatre seats 3,000. So, I ended up 5 rows back. NICE.

Especially nice, because that meant I had fabulous seats for the Joss Whedon/Tahmoh Penikett session for Dollhouse, and the Fringe panel, with the entire cast, including Pacey Joshua Jackson! Pictures are here, I just added on to the public FB album.

Things I learned (not sure what's spoiler and what's not, so read at your own risk):

DC Comics:
  • There are Lanterns besides the Green one - like Red ones and Blue ones. And Indigo ones? What makes the Green one so special that he gets his own comic?
  • DCU. Huh. I had no idea it was so big.
  • One of the guys at the Q&A got teased for wearing a suit and tie to ComicCon. He was like, "Look. There are people out there, wearing wings. And I get ragged on for wearing a tie?"
  • DC is planning on concentrating on their core characters, getting back to basics.
  • To wit: apparently Superman's gone to New Krypton? Batman's apparently going to die and come back and die and come back and die and come back...I dunno, you'd have to see their Batman Covers presentation to understand...done in Keynote. Neat.
  • Crisis Aftermath. Apparently they got tired of seeing too many big catastrophic events happen, and then see none of the fallout. This aftermath series, shows how everyone's dealing with whatever CE they went through. And those stories directly effect subsequent stories. (Also? It ends with a Dance. I dunno this series, but I fear for them.)
  • I know, I have no business blogging this session. I really just sat through it for the Torchwood. So let's move on, shall we?
  • Eve confirmed that John Barrowman farts a lot. Dudes. C'mon. Why is this always a subject of conversation when it comes to Barrowman?
  • Tosh and Owen are really dead. Sorry, Julie and Erika.
  • Rhys is going to play a bigger part in the show.
  • Eve is friends IRL with the Weevil. At least enough to take tea together.
  • Euros is really hot.
  • Euros is directing David's last two eppies as the Doctor. But who didn't know that?
  • Eve is a cheeky chick.
  • Whitney Matheson, the USA Today Pop Candy blog chick, is quite a fangurl. I wouldn't ever have guessed. She asked if Eve had held the John Barrowman doll yet. Ummm, honey, if you'd made it to the floor, you could have picked it up for yourself at the booth. IJS.
  • Eve has fantastic hair. Euros has a perm. Ok, I made up that second bit. But I love his hair. So much right now. What? I never promised you an unshallow post, man. You're the one still reading this.
  • Gwen Cooper, having come from a long line of family members guarding the rift, "is exactly where she needs to be," according to Eve. Which means that you know that Russell T Davies is so going to pay off that Cardiff rift Doctor Who episode. It's going to be amazing.
  • Torchwood: Children of Earth hasn't been scheduled yet, is going to be awesome, but I'm wishing they'd given another name to one of the new characters. Mr. Frobisher will always be the baddie from Damages for me, and he doesn't look at all like Ted Danson!
  • Even after watching the clip, I'm still not sure I'm going to like Dollhouse. I'm not a huge Eliza fan. But, I'm a big Joss fan. So you know I'll be watching. Plus, give that Tahmoh Penikett a lead role, and yeah, I'll be there for you every single week, Joss.
  • Nathan Fillion's gonna get in trouble with Joss for telling another panel (via a taped interview) that he couldn't be there, because he was busy filming Serenity 2. Hahahahah.
  • Tahmoh Penikett is hot. And looks like Richard Armitage. He does, Jenny. Or, maybe a little like Leo from Relativity, but who is now on Ghost Whisperer. Either way, he's just hot. And delightfully funny. And cute. And, he's gonna be shirtless in that first episode, from what I gather. Also, he kinda makes me want to watch the BSG miniseries. Almost. But not quite.
  • Joss wants to do Broadway.
  • Joss is a genius. A sometimes self-deprecating one. Sometimes.
  • Tahmoh Penikett is hot. Oh, I said that already. What? You're still reading.
  • To hear Joss talk about the network, is like watching someone brainwashed. It's hard to see the same guy who got screwed over by Fox, when it came to Serenity. I think it probably has to do with a new regime at Fox (maybe? not sure), but it also has to do with maybe both sides being more collaborative?
  • Oh. And, Joss openly admits that the production drama that Dollhouse has gone through, has been mainly personal, but more about what direction they were going to take Dollhouse - in other words, what kind of show was Dollhouse going to be. (He said that Serenity, he always knew what it was, but Dollhouse wasn't so clear.)
  • I'm not afraid to say it. I don't like Fringe. I've long since lost any interest in the show. But I still watch it. Because of Joshua Jackson. C'mon. Don't tell me you're surprised. Anyway.
  • The Observer. Is one man. But there are multiple Observers. He's everywhere. Fox tried to get him on the inaugural platform. They didn't succeed. But, apparently, Fox is seriously trying to get them everywhere.
  • Joshua is easily skeeved out, apparently. Or rather, he was most disgusted by that eyeball scene, the one that I'm not describing here.
  • I will NOT get involved in the Fringe mythology. Shut it, Jeff Pinkner, I won't do it. And you just can't tell me halfway through a season I've half paid attention to (but will totally be buying the DVD set for) that the icon pics you cut to and from commercials with IS A CODE. ARGLE! You better have them on your DVD set, too, darnit.
  • Joshua Jackson is one hot guy. And damn that silly moderator from TV Guide? I dunno, for NOT directing more questions to him. And double damn that silly camera operator in the back, who didn't do enough Joshua close-ups. I get that everyone probably agreed up front that if JJ did the panel, that they wouldn't make an effort to single him out. Still. How much potential hotness did I lose out on? Hmph.
  • Speaking of the moderator (first time for him, so I'll go somewhat easy on him). He totally asked silly questions. Like: "Deep in the background of the lab set, there's a set of bongos. Has anyone ever played them?" And they're all like, what? Joshua did a classic Pacey look of wtfe, man, complete with shrug and headshaking. Classic.
  • Joshua, my love, has a flowchart on the wall at his apartment, where he's been keeping track of the storyline and the conspiracy. And I quote, "I'm that much of a dork, where I have a flowchart."
  • They were signing autographs afterward. When I saw the thousands of people headed that way? Oh, hell no. If there was one thing that NYCC had issues with (outside of the IGN Theatre volunteers who knew what they were doing), it was line and crowd control. I would not have wanted to be anywhere near that ish.
Yep. All in all a great time. This is the entire reason I do ComicCon. To see my hotboys on stage. Is that silly? Maybe.


Damn. Long post. Gold star and a dark chocolate Kit Kat smooshed to you if you actually finished reading it.
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Anonymous said...

What makes the Green one so special that he gets his own comic?
Well, the green one is hot. Heh.

He was like, "Look. There are people out there, wearing wings. And I get ragged on for wearing a tie?"
BWAH! He could've said that he was dressed up like The Question. But I guess he'd need a fedora for that.

Plus, give that Tahmoh Penikett a lead role, and yeah, I'll be there for you every single week, Joss.
That's pretty much why I'm watching.

Joshua, my love, has a flowchart on the wall at his apartment, where he's been keeping track of the storyline and the conspiracy. And I quote, "I'm that much of a dork, where I have a flowchart."
That is so precious!

joy said...

Gold star and a dark chocolate Kit Kat por vous, cc.

Hahaha - I might seriously be in love with Tahmoh. One girl got up and asked him if he thought it was weird that she thought of Helo as such a strong moral compass, and that oftentimes, when faced with a dilemma, she'd think, What Would Helo Do?

He was a little surprised, but you could tell he was rather thrilled with the question.

Anonymous said...

Dude, OK, I'm here and read your blog. What about TW/Rob? No news for me???? No swag???

joy said...

I got you and Jenny TwiPens - sitting on my desk at home. Sorry.

Little Brown - as I mentioned on my FB album - had a shoddy showing at ComicCon. That's something you need to take up with your Twilight friends.

Though, the chick at the NYT Travel Show check in squeed when one of her friends dropped off a bunch of those pens with her. Heh.

Anonymous said...

I just looked at your pics.
Very sad, poor Little Brown.
Maybe they're saving their money for San Diego?

The Geek said...

OMG, if you vacationed vicariously through my London posts last week, I totally just vicariously went to NYCC through yours. Awesome posts.

And from a blogger who routinely has to apologize for the length of her posts, I say: "Thanks for the details." It's all in the details.

I'm too much of a Lost fan to give up on Fringe completely, I just CAN'T step away from it now. And HOLY CRYPTIC MESSAGES, BATMAN, those things were a code?? Now that's some intense planning right there.

I'm with you on Eve Myles' hair. I'm also oddly in love with the gap in her front teeth. I think she's adorable, start to finish. Can't believe I missed them filming in the Plass by 12 hours last week. Rrrrrrr....

Anonymous said...

Aww, that's so cute about the Helo thing, joy. Slightly weird, but cute. I mean, he is sort of the moral center on BSG.