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Monday, February 9, 2009

Manic Monday

Magnet #353 - Joy

There are those days like today, when the commute is wonderful.

Where you catch every elevator, every train, every connection, and even every elevator on the other side. Where people cooperate and don't lollygag, and no one's pushing or shoving. And where even the loud talkers aren't around.

Those days should be celebrated.

And then you get to work, and it's crap. But whatevs, man, I had a lovely commute this morning.

Of course, there's something telling when your commute in New York City is the highlight of your day.
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G said...

But how did the commute home go? Was your day bookended by dual successes?

joy said...

Oh, let's just say that the commute was still the highlight of the day. Full stop.

But thanks for asking. :-)