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Monday, February 16, 2009

A bear of a day

Magnet #360 - Canadian Bear

So, we all know how much I love bears, and how bears are my unicorn. Which means that whenever I see a good bear magnet, I can't help but pick it up.

I must have picked this up in Toronto...not that I saw a bear there.

Using it for today, because today's been a bit of a bear. I was planning on working all day, just to catch up on being out on vacation Thursday and Friday. Instead, I've been huddled under 6 blankets, fighting off fever, aches and chills.

Can't figure out where I picked it up - my sister and I were busily touching all the exhibits at Sports Museum and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Annex. Then, we were all over the Teddy Roosevelt house. But, really, it was probably the doctors' office on Friday. That's what I'm goin' with anyway.
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G said...

So that's where you've been? At least, you and sis didn't get sick until after the weekend was done. Feel better.

Anonymous said...

Aww, colds are unbearable! Hee. Feel better.

joy said...


And, yep. I'm glad I wasn't sick for our busy flurry of days, because I would have been a bear.

julie said...

and how do you know this bear didn't come from jen's trip to vancouver or my trip(s) to waterton national park up by glacier or my calgary trip?

and which one of us isn't a bear when we're sick. though jen's funny when she's sick... have you *SEEN* gordon's impression of jen when she's sick??? hahahahahahha