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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Out like a lamb?

Magnet #355 - Landis Valley Museum

Eh, we wish. It's just going to be an unusually warm February day here in New York. Something like 59? Whu-hoo!

It'll be gone before I know it, but I just wanted an excuse to use this lambykins magnet that my sisters brought back for me from the Landis Valley Museum - one of the few places I haven't been in Pennsylvania.

It's even in Lancaster, so I dunno how we missed this one. But, by the looks of the site, it's a living history museum, chronicling the history of the early German settlements in Pennsylvania.

I can't remember if this is the place with the "Amish Experience" where they have that weirdo video that the girls were talking about. But that's totally another magnet. And an even better story.

Now. I just have a find a Witness magnet....
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jen said...

It wasn't the place with the Amish Experience but it was near it ... I think.

I'm sad they didn't have a magnet in the Lake District in the UK. Their mascot is a cute lamb named Herdy.

julie said...

the amish experience was a ways down the road. a CRAZY amish experience more like. whoever heard of a multimedia extravaganza for the amish!? jacob should've stayed on his rumspringer!

as for Herdy... i like my cute Herdy pin for my work bag. yay! thanks!