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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ya gotta love The Nati

Magnet #349 - Cincinnati

Apparently, I have to visit Cincinnati.

Who knew there was a boatload of fun stuff to do there? I mean, the only reason I even have this magnet is because someone did a focus group there!

First, if you visit their superadorable travel site (dudes, just the seasonal icons alone are reason enough to go), you'll see a big pic of The Nati. Ummm, it totally reminds me of Pittsburgh...which is probably why I will love Cincinnati. I think it's the bridges. And speaking of...

Second. They have this thing called the Purple People Bridge! It's a bridge that spans a river connecting two states - it's supposedly the longest one of its kind. On one side you're in Ohio, and the other, you're in Kentucky. Cool! Also, c'mon. It's purple. Hmmm. I wonder if there are any Purple People Eaters on the bridge. I wonder if that song's playing when you walk across it.

Third. You can go to the Hofbrauhaus and pretend you're at Busch Gardens (according to Jenny).

Fourth and also according to Jenny (who really should have just written this post), there's a 62-feet-tall Butter Jesus. OMG. Literally. (BTW, this totally reminds me of when my friend met French chocolatier Jacques Torres, and was a little unnerved when he asked her if she tried his "boddee buuddah.")

Oh, I'm sure I'm missing a million things to do in Cincinnati - I didn't even include the cool train station they converted into a museum, their art museum, the Underground Railroad museum. Good grief.

I guess this just means I need to watch the flight deals out there, cuz it looks like you could probably do a long weekend, and not even hit half the things you'd need to see there!

My problem is trying to spell the darn thing. There's a lot of Ns and Is and Cs in that there city name. No worries, we'll talk about that later.

When I use my other Cincinnati magnet.
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1 comment:

jen said...

The Butter Jesus is awesome. There's a little path around the pond in front of it! And benches -- for contemplation, I guess.

And the purple bridge is supercute. And they have river cruises, and a fun ballpark and their own chili and a random castle in the middle of the woods and I could go on and on ... and on and on. Yay, Nati!

[This comment apparently brought to you by the Cincinnati USA Convention & Visitors Bureau]