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Friday, February 13, 2009

While the Getty's good

Magnet #357 - Getty Los Angeles

Hey. Who went to LA and got me this magnet? And why come I didn't come with you to the Getty?

I can't figure out why the Getty hasn't made it on to any of my Los Angeles itineraries. Definitely for next time, because I haven't even taken time to learn anything about it. Just that it has a neat building...

Oh, and from what I heard it has crappy parking.

Oh! And it has either a somewhat creepy TV ad (because I have a thing about inanimate objects being animated), or it's a really good spot - because good art does always stay with you.

So, next time I'm in LA, Getty, I'll be going while the Getty's good.

(Can you tell I'm writing this with my punny sister in the room?)
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