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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Captive unicorn

Magnet #943 - Unicorn in Captivity

My friend bought this magnet for me, which is sad because the darn Cloisters are just a bus/train away from me. Even sadder, given how often I'm darkening the halls of the Met, the parent museum of the Cloisters.

It's one of those New York places that I've been saving, for dcsister to finally do it with me. The thing is, we've been trying to go for seriously, almost twenty years. Every time we think we're gonna visit it, we end up choosing something else in town, or we somehow talk ourselves out of the long trek uptown.

But, at some point, we have to go because I really do want to see the Unicorn tapestries from the 1400/1500s.

I love this Unicorn in Captivity tapestry, because everyone has that elusive thing they're trying to catch. Whether it's that dream job, or a bear, or whatever, everyone can relate to trying to catch a unicorn.

And, hopefully, this year, I'll be able to "catch" both. And maybe even visit the Cloisters, to boot!
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jen said...

One day. One day. .... Or maybe we'll just go to the Paley. Heh.

julie said...

are you anti-unicorn that you like this unicorn in captivity? :(