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Saturday, September 18, 2010

The gift of bodily salivas...ewwww

Magnet #939 - The Moxx of Balhoon

What better magnet to use for a Doctor Who marathon than the Moxx of Balhoon.

I started yesterday morning with Rose and Nine, and have been making my way through slowly but surely. As I type this, I'm on Love & Monsters and Ten.

It's my own gift to myself this very busy weekend.

And for you?

Well, I won't offer you bodily salivas as felicitations upon this historical happenstance, but damn, this exchange of ambassadorial gifts scene never fails to crack me up. I could watch it for hours.

Or at least five or six times in a row just now, while I figured out what the quicktalking Moxx actually said.

Cuz I was just gonna say, here's some spit.
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Cameron McEwan said...

Wow, that is a marathon!

Don't think I've watched as many eps in a row in such a short space of time.

What kind of fan am I?

joy said...

Eh, it's just keeping me company while I work on some stuff. Mind you, as I type this, I'm already at Lazarus Experiment. I am just truckin' through...