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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"A source of joy and inspiration"

Magnet #950 - Our Vacation at WDW

I had a friend in high school who called Mickey Mouse the anti-Christ. While I've never agreed with him, I will say I can't believe how much of a killing Disney makes off of kids and their parents. (And those who aren't parents, but love visiting Disney, anyway.)

And based on another friend who is spending a week down there with her family, Disney makes it soooo very easy to spend money - staying on various properties, fun character events, meal plans, cruises, corporate and school packages, plus the theme parks. Amazing.

I mean, the three of us in this magnetpicture with Stitch totally dropped a bundle for a week at Disney, and that was just to see a bunch of ABC Soap Stars.

I often wonder when Walt Disney dedicated Disneyland in the 1950s, if he had an inkling of the reach his park would have many years later. I love seeing those old videos of him giving updates on the construction of Disneyland, and later introducing the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. He had to have known something, I'd bet.

He had intended his parks to be "a source of joy and inspiration," but I imagine that they're quite the source of income for the estate as well, and that has good old Mickey giggling all the way to the bank.

Oooh, hey, happy birthday, Jan! You're not in this picture, but you totally should have been!
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