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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Candle on the water

Magnet #926 - Lighthouses of Maine

As I type this, I'm sitting on the slowest moving train known to man (I could seriously run faster, ya'll), on the last leg of my three-week sabbatical home.

Looks like that layoff was some damned good timing, since I ended up having to chauffeur my parents up and down the east coast for my dad's eye surgery. First the surgery, then the week-after follow-up. And, in another two weeks another follow-up roadtrip.

So this trip included:
  • One train trip from NYC to NC
  • One roadtrip from NC to Boston, with an overnight stopover in NYC
  • One roadtrip from Boston to NC, with an overnight stopover in NYC
  • One "roadtrip" to Raleigh to have some fun with a former client and friend
  • One roadtrip from NC to Boston, with an hour stopover in NYC and a rather profitable side trip to Mohegan Sun
  • One roadtrip from Boston to NC, with a detour through New Hampshire, Vermont, and an overnight stopover in NYC
  • One train trip from NC to NYC
Whew. I Tweeted it, but dang, did I make the 85/95 corridor my bitka!

I picked up this magnet at a Hannaford's in York, Maine, when it was becoming clear that I wouldn't be able to see any lighthouses of Maine. In fact, I'd mentally written up the whole lighthouse magnetpost to be how of course I went to Maine and didn't see a lighthouse.

The next morning, though, we decided to take a quick oceanside jaunt, and just before a fabulous breakfast at Sandy's Purple Palace, we stumbled to Nubble Lighthouse. It's on an island, next to a look-out promontory - so gorgeous. Hurricane Earl helped us out with a strong surf, so it was very cool to see it with busy waves hitting the shores.

The lighthouse and its outerbuildings were very much like a Hopper painting and I couldn't stop taking pictures, just trying to capture the right shadows of the towers on the lawn.

Or, you know, waiting for the gift shop to open.

I have this strange urge to see Pete's Dragon now. And I haven't been able to stop singing It's Not Easy or Candle on the Water, ever since. And I can't stop trying to say Passamaquaddy, either.
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Vicki said...

You've been everywhere. Man. Seriously, what a wild ride!

joy said...

Yeah, and I still have to do another trip. It was hard on the parents, though. I wish they'd just fly, but the open road, she calls to them.

I like it, cuz whenever I drive, I make sure to listen to whatever I want to. Which makes them crazy, but they put up with it. Loudly. Heh.