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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mission not accomplished

Magnet #942 - Mission Inn

And so, the chronicles of "Let's visit someplace of import, but not really know anything about it..." continues.

One of my favorite aunts and uncles brought me to see the historic Mission Inn in Riverside several years ago. We wandered around the hotel lobby for an hour or two, and saw some really cool stuff.

But, here's just a sampling of what I missed. Le sigh.
  • Apparently, not one, but TEN U.S. presidents traveled through here.
  • They have a giant chair in the lobby, especially made for Taft, after Frank Miller (no, not that one, this one, the "Master of the Inn,") heard the rumor about Taft getting stuck in his bathtub.
  • Nixon got married here!
  • The Presidential Lounge that used to be where the presidents stayed, but now is a cool little...lounge.
  • They have about 400 bells scattered throughout the grounds - they used to collect them. Including one that Louis Comfort Tiffany tried to buy...with a blank check!
Ack. It always makes me crazy when I find out I've missed out on something, or twelve.

Of course, now that means I have to go back, and actually take a docent tour and go to the museum!
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